Workout: The Director's Cut is an American film that was released in 1999, starring Billy Herrington, Danny Lee, and Duncan Mills. Segments of this film were the sources that kick-started the Gachimuchi fandom.

Synopsis Edit

Duncan Mills was a gym attendant who was having a nap, until he was awakened by a phone call. Meanwhile, the other wrestlers were exercising their muscles, sometimes even without clothes on.

Billy vs. Danny Edit

Billy Herrington invites Danny Lee to have a wrestling match, when they instead destroy each other's clothes, leaving both wrestlers in their underwear. Billy later defeats Danny, standing and posing on his subdued wrestler's back.

Billy vs. Duncan Edit

While Duncan was browsing one of the gym rooms, Billy drags Duncan into that room, as he thought that he wanted a wrestling match. In spite of all of Duncan's efforts, Billy defeats Duncan as the victorious wrestler.

See also Edit

  • Playing With Fire, another series of films that provide a good example of Billy's skilled acting.