Van Darkholme (born October 24, 1972) is an American performance artist, director, and photographer. He is of Vietnamese descent.

Van sama

Nicknames Edit

He is sometimes referred to as "VAN様" (VAN-Sama, "Sir VAN") and "ダーク" ("Dark") by Japanese fans. He is also called "TDN Kosugi" due to his resemblance to two characters, including the martial arts actor Kane Kosugi.

History Edit

Through the 1990s, Darkholme was a fashion and photographic model. He also acted in certain films as minor characters, such as the Hong Kong films "The Adventurers" (with Andy Lau) and "Who Am I?" (with Jackie Chan).

He later directed and acted in gay pornographic films, such as Lords of the Lockerroom (his most notable appearance). In 2008, the San Francisco-based BSDM studio Kink hired him.

He is also aware of his fame in Gachimuchi videos and appreciated it.

Quotes Edit

  • "Fuck you." (also used in fan-made music videos as if it were a musical instrument: "Fercussion" or "ファ楽器" (Fa-gakki: a portmanteau on the vulgar word, and 打楽器 (Dagakki, percussion))
  • "Smart-ass."
  • "Woo!"
  • "My name is Van. I'm an artist. I'm a performance artist."
  • "I'm hired by people to fulfill their fantasies ... their deep, dark fantasies."
  • "boy next door"
  • "It's amazing."
  • "Yeah, yeah, take it boy! Yeah!" (平家BOY, Heike BOY, a reference to the Japanese epic "The Tale of the Heike", or "Heike Monogatari" (平家物語), about the Taira Clan's struggle against the Minamoto clan for control of Japan during medieval times, and their downfall.)
  • "Suction!"
  • "Fucking slaves, get your ass back here!"

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