Thunder (サンダー), a blonde guy who took a part in "Hard Heroes", but better known for his role in a clip where he



gets lynched/molested by two other guys in an exercise room. He has become a popular sound effect in Gachimuchi MADs.

Name Edit

He named for his earsplitting screams of agony that are sure to rape your eardrums the first time. His real name is Cody Cruze, but Gachi fans calls him "Thunder", because his nickname in "Hard Heroes" was Thunder.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit

He often appears with his colleague Lightning (ライトニング). In many fan works, their relationship is shown as either one of two scenarios:

  1. They are best friends
  2. They are sworn enemies.

In the first case, as a rule, they are fighting against the whole world or are engaged in a common cause, for example, in "Hard Heroes". In the second they fight with each other. Very often appear together.

Gallery Edit