One of the sources for Gachimuchi memes is a video set in a fictional army barracks, known as Tales From The Foxhole.

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In this video, two young soldiers discuss about their homosexual experiences before nightfall. In one of the soldiers' dreams, a bare-chested sergeant (played by Billy Herrington) catches his soldiers pleasuring themselves, and punishes them by forcing them to "service" him.

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Billy Herrington (BH): (enters room) What the hell are you two doing?! Get your ass down from here now, boy! And you, too!

(Recruits leave their bunk beds and stand in a row in front of Sergeant Herrington)

BH: Someone or something got you excited, son?

Recruit: No, sir!

BH: You're lying to me! I saw you looking over at your pretty boy recruit over here getting turned on!

Recruit: Yes, sir, no, sir!

BH: All of you, get your asses down here, now! ATTEN-TION! (misinterpreted as "Patchouli, uh!")

(Other recruits descend from their beds, and stand alongside the line of earlier recruits)

BH: (walks around) What the hell do you boys think that this here is, fucking Fairyland? Pulling on your wee-wees like a pack of fucking fruits?!

BH: (approaches two recruits) You two obviously want to suck what a real man has, so get down on your knees, and suck every last drop of my cum, until my dick is drained, now!

BH: Disobedience, huh? That's a mistake. (points) Get to the quarterdeck, now!

BH: Move, move, move!



  • A foxhole is a hole dug into the ground where soldiers hide from enemies to recover, or fire at enemies while taking less damage. Its name was derived from holes dug by foxes as their shelters and homes.
  • American ww2 army base hospital

    An army base.

    An army base is a place where soldiers are trained, and tasked either to attack enemies or defend other places, depending on their location.
    • Every army base usually has rows of buildings for soldiers to sleep (barracks) or eat in (mess hall), and several buildings where they are taught on how to fight or command other soldiers in battle, where they store their weapons and supplies, and offices for higher officials and commanders. There are also open spaces and pools for soldiers either to train themselves for combat, or to play sports. All of these buildings are surrounded by a fence or a wall, to make it more diffult for enemies to break in and attack.
  • The experiences of soldiers subjected to possible humiliating acts by their sergeants, or by each other, are a source of humor in pop culture.

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