Many videos were used as sources for Gachimuchi videos.

List of sources Edit

Key on notable characters who acted in each film: Edit

BH - Billy Herrington

VD - Van Darkholme

DL - Danny Lee

MW - Mark Wolff

List Edit

Workout: The Director's Cut (BH, DL; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling")
    • The one that started it all. It involves Billy Herrington wrestling Danny Lee in a gym room, as their mutterings and grunts ended up becoming unintentional jokes in Japan, Taiwan, and China.
    • This is also the name of another segment within "Workout: The Director's Cut", in which Billy drags Duncan Mills into a room and they wrestle.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 サブキャラ編 ("Aniki's Pants Wrestling: Sub-Characters")
    • While Duncan Mills naps, Billy and Danny train themselves using gym equipment. He later dreams of himself and the same athletes being naked, before being awakened by a phone call.

Playing with Fire (BH) Edit

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 小芝居編 ("Aniki's Pants Wrestling: Small Games")
  • Simply a gay porn video involving Billy fooling around with some co-workers. The source of the GACHIGASM face.

Playing with Fire 2 (BH) Edit

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 消防士編 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Firefighters")
    • Billy Herrington (as the chief of Fire Station 69) and his co-workers investigate the perpetrator of a string of arsons.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 説教編 ("Aniki's Pants Wrestling: Lecture")
    • Billy Herrington asked his pyromaniac brother, Bo Garrett, on his reasons to work at his fire station. Meanwhile, Steve Cassidy and Cameron Sage quarrel.

Lords of the Lockerroom (VD, MW, BH; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 外伝 TDN VS ビオランテ ("Aniki's Pants Wrestling Side Story: TDN vs. Biollante")
    • Mark Wolff wrestles with Van Darkholme after he taunts the latter for his eccentric BSDM attire.

Junkyard Boyz (DL; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ㈲ツヨシ工業編 ("Super Kazuya: (with) Tsuyoshi Industries")
    • Danny Lee and other naked men shoot water guns at a junkyard.

House of Detention (VD) Edit

  • Van Darkholme and several others torture several people kidnapped into his dungeon.

Knaked Knights (Half-fish man; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝 井上カブレラ潜入編 ("Wrestling Series: Inoue Cabrera's Infiltration")
    • Four men try to escape being imprisoned and tortured in a dungeon, but they end up being naked.

Hard Heroes (Steve Shannon, Thunder, Bruno Payne; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 ("Terryman's Superheroes")
    • A team of several superheroes, known as the "Stud Squad", try to stop a supervillain.

Hard Heroes 13: Brainwashed (Steve Shannon, Thunder, Bruno Payne; 2007) Edit

  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編第2話 ("Terryman's Superheroes Part 2")
    • Bruno Payne, the chairman of a technological company, requests the Stud Squad's help in stopping a terrorist from acquiring his cloning technology or killing his staff members within 24 hours.

Raw Rope (VD; 2004) Edit

  • Japanese: VAN様 武道編 ("VAN-sama: Way of the Warrior")
    • Van Darkholme fights another man in a martial arts duel.

Punk Punishment (Thunder) Edit

  • Japanese: サンダーvs ライトニング 超絶叫編 ("Thunder vs Lightning: Super Screaming")
    • Two wrestlers attempt to crush Thunder, causing him to scream very loudly. Thunder manages to fight back.

Surfer Boy Showdown (Thunder; 2000) Edit

Wolff's World (MW, Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar; 2001) Edit

Mark Wolff: Rockhard (MW) Edit

Max Men: Strip Fantasies (Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar; 2000) Edit

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 負け犬編 ("Pants Wrestling Side Story: Underdogs")

Tales From The Foxhole (BH, Lee Johnson) Edit

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 軍曹編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Sergeant")
    • Billy, as an army sergeant, catches his troops pleasuring themselves, and forces them into a series of humiliating punishments.

Summer Trophies (BH, Rob Steele) Edit

Conquered (BH) Edit

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 コロッセオ編 ("Aniki of Pants Wrestling: Colosseum")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ~王国編~ ("Aniki of Pants Wrestling ~Kingdom~")
    • Billy acts as a Roman emperor who meets gladiators.

? (DL) Edit

  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ("Super Kazuya")
    • Danny Lee does a seductive dance.

? (Ricardo Milos) Edit

  • Japanese: ビオりんブランドのロゴビオりんプロデュース 誘惑のダンス編 ("Bio-rin Brand's Bio-rin Produce: Seductive Dance Edition")

? (Duncan Mills, Peter Wilder) Edit

  • Japanese: 吾作自分探し編 ("Gosaku Searches Himself")
    • Duncan Mills and Peter Wilder relax on a mountain, and Peter licks Duncan's feet as he massages his friend's leg.

? (Duncan Mills) Edit

  • Japanese: 吾作vs犬 ("Gosaku vs. Dog")
    • One Christmas, Duncan Mills handles a fireplace and plays with a pet dog that his friend gave to him.

Other sources Edit

Billy Herrington's speech (BH) Edit

  • Billy makes a speech that parodies Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" inauguration speech.

Van Darkholme's interviews (VD) Edit

Great Adventurers (VD)

  • Japanese: 【TDN】 VAN様のダーク♂映画編 【血戦中華街】 ("[TDN] VAN-Sama's Dark♂Movie [Blood Feuds of Chinatown]
    • Several clips of Van Darkholme's acting as the character "Blackie" in the Chinese movie "Great Adventurers".

Van Darkholme Halloween Hell!!! (VD) Edit

  • Japanese: お化け屋敷でのVAN様 ("VAN-sama in the Haunted House")
    • Van Darkholme and a friend navigate a haunted house for Halloween.

Outsiders Edit

Christian Engel's Muscle Show (Christian Engels) Edit

  • Christian Engel displays his muscles in various locations, to the tune of "There Must Be An Angel".

Alexander Vishnevsky's show in the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix (Alexander Vishnevsky) Edit

  • Alexander Vishnevsky, a male bodybuilder from Russia, dances like a robot to music and shows his muscles.

Catalina Series Edit

Recently, some Gachimuchi users included videos from another series of gay pornography videos, known as "Catalina Boy Band", possibly due to their content being similar to those in the Gachimuchi videos' sources and the memetic value of "Boy Band"'s "Oh, shit, I'm sorry" meme. Nonetheless, they are not widely considered as Gachimuchi videos.

  • Boy Band (Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire)
    • Japanese: 男性アイドルグループ ("Male Idol Group")
      • Steve Rambo trespasses into some ranchers' land, and has all sorts of misadventures with them. Source of the poorly-performed clip infamous for the line, "Oh, shit, I'm sorry".
  • Cockpit
    • Japanese: 新日暮里航空 L○ST編 ("Shinnippori Airlines: LOST")
      • Several gay men board an airplane. Sometimes, it and its sequel are known as "Shinnippori Airlines".
  • Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest
    • Japanese: 新日暮里航空 L○ST編 ("Shinnippori Airlines: LOST")
      • The characters from the previous video crash into a forest, and struggle against nature and a family of hillbillies to survive.

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