Many videos were used as sources for Gachimuchi videos.

List of sources Edit

Key on notable characters who acted in each film: Edit

BH - Billy Herrington

VD - Van Darkholme

DL - Danny Lee

List Edit

  • Workout: The Director's Cut (BH, DL)
    • The one that started it all. It involves Billy Herrington wrestling Danny Lee in a gym room, as their mutterings and grunts ended up becoming unintentional jokes in Japan.
  • Playing with Fire (BH)
    • Simply a gay porn video involving Billy fooling around with some co-workers. The source of the GACHIGASM face.
  • Playing with Fire 2 (BH)
    • Billy Herrington (as the chief of Fire Station 69) and his co-workers investigate the perpetrator of a string of arsons.
  • Lords of the Lockerroom (VD, Mark Wolff, BH)
    • Mark Wolff wrestles with Van Darkholme after he taunts the latter for his eccentric BSDM attire.
  • Junkyard Boyz (DL)
    • Danny Lee and other naked men shoot water guns at a junkyard.
  • House of Detention (VD)
    • Van Darkholme and several others torture several people kidnapped into his dungeon.
  • Knaked Knights (Half-fish man)
    • Four men try to escape being imprisoned and tortured in a dungeon, but they end up being naked.
  • Hard Heroes (Thunder, Bruno Pain)
    • Several superheroes try to stop a supervillain.
  • Raw Rope (VD, 2004)
    • Van Darkholme fights another man in a martial arts duel.
  • Punk Punishment (Thunder)
    • Two wrestlers attempt to crush Thunder, causing him to scream very loudly. Thunder manages to fight back.
  • Surfer Boy Showdown (Thunder)
  • Wolff's World (Mark Wolff, Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar)
  • Mark Wolff: Rockhard (Mark Wolff)
  • Max Men: Strip Fantasies (Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar)
  • Tales From The Foxhole (BH, Lee Johnson)
    • Billy, as an army sergeant, catches his troops pleasuring themselves, and forces them into a series of humiliating punishments.
  • Summer Trophies (BH, Rob Steele)
  • Conquered (BH)
    • Billy acts as a Roman emperor who meets gladiators.

Other sources Edit

  • Billy Herrington's speech (BH)
    • Billy makes a speech that parodies Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" inauguration speech.
  • Van Darkholme's interviews (VD)
  • Boy Band (Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire)
    • Steve Rambo trespasses into some ranchers' land, and has all sorts of misadventures with them. Source of the poorly-performed clip infamous for the line, "Oh, shit, I'm sorry".

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