Soramimi (Japanese: 空耳; "mishearing, (feigned) deafness; air ear") is a Japanese term for translating dialogue into similar-sounding words in another language. Soramimi make up much of the memes of Gachimuchi videos, such as the well-known "Yugaminee na", causing conversations and dialogue between characters into supposedly random phrases.

Definition Edit

For example, these Romanian lyrics from the popular song "Dragostea din tei" by the Moldavian band O-Zone:

"Vrei să pleci dar nu mă, nu mă iei..."

("You want to leave, but you don't want, don't want to take me ... ")

is misheard in Japanese in the Flash short "Maiyahi" as:


Bei sa, beishu ka, nomanoma-yei!

("Rice, is it, rice wine, drink it drink it yeah!")

Notable soramimi/mishearings Edit

  • English text - Japanese
    • transliteration - translation (extra notes if any)

Workout: The Director's CutEdit

  • Oh, my shoulder! (BH, wrestling with DL) - お前人のモノを
    • Omae-jin no mono wo - Make your own products
  • (You) give up! (DL) - 行けぇ!
    • Ikee! - Go ahead!
  • What are you doing? (BH) - ああん、 ひどうい!
    • Aan, hidoui! - Oh, it is horrible!
  • Take a little souvenir for my round. (DL) - 結構すぐ脱けるんだね
    • Kekkou sugu dakkerunda ne - You can quite quickly escape
  • That's not right, man. (BH) - 仕方ないね
    • Shikata nai ne - It cannot be helped ("It cannot be helped", or "Nothing can be done about it", (correctly "Shikata ga nai")

("Shikata nai ne" is a Japanese phrase used to describe either the Japanese maintaining their dignity in great disasters beyond their control, or their supposed lack of reaction to adversity. Perhaps is it similar in function to the French phrase, "c'est la vie", which means "life is like that".)

  • I wasn't ready. (BH) - 風神卍雷神
    • Fuujin manji Raijin - Fūjin manji Raijin(In Japanese mythology, Fūjin is a wind god who carries a large bag on his shoulders, and Raijin is a thunder and lightning god who creates thunder by beating drums drawn with tomoe symbols around him. The Manji (卍) is a swastika used as a religious symbol in Japanese Buddhism, and is used in maps to indicate locations of Buddhist temples.)
  • So how did you feel? (DL) Incredible. (BH, rolls around) - 最強♂とんがりコーン
    • Saikyo Tongari Corn - Strongest Tongari Corn(Tongari Corn is a local brand of Bugles corn snacks sold in Japan)
  • You ready to go again? (DL) - どういう語源?
    • Douiu gogen? - What kind of etymology?
  • You college kids a little [asleep], no? (?) (BH) - 相変わらずケツ欲しい ... いいな?
    • Aikarawazu ketsu hoshii ... iina? - I still want asses ... are you sure?
  • Now we even score. (BH) - ナウい息子
    • Naui musuko - Naughty son
  • So you wanna be [?], right? So you wanna? Huh? (BH) - オビワンいくつくらい? 31? ああん?
    • Obi-Wan ikutsukurai? Saatiwan? [Thirty-one] Aan? - How old is Obi-Wan? 31? Huh?
  • Like embarrassing me, huh?! (BH) - 最近だらしねぇな
    • Saikin darashi nee na - You're pretty sloppy these days
  • Huh? Like that? (BH) - ああん? 卑猥か?
    • Aan? Hiwai-ka? - Huh? Is it obscene?
  • (grunting) (DL) - ドアホン! / ドアフォン!
    • Doahon! / Doafon! - Door phone!
  • Huh? How's that feel, huh? - ああん? カズヤ君柄パン?
    • Aan? Kazuya-kun gara pan? - Oh? Mr. Kazuya is patterned bread?
  • That's what I'm saying. (BH) - いやぁ、すみません
    • Iyaa, sumimasen. - Well, I'm sorry.
  • Huh, like that? (BH) - ああん? 挿入ったやろ?
    • Aan? Soonyuuttayaro? - Huh? Have you inserted?
  • Huh? Like that, son? (BH) - ああん?! お客さん!?
    • Aan?! Okyaku-san?! - Oh?! Mr. Customer?!
  • (?), son. (BH) - どうも、木吉さん
    • Doumo, Kiyoshi-san. - Very much, Mr. Kiyoshi.
  • How's that? (possibly BH) - カズヤ!
  • (grunting) (DL, moving his elbows down) - にゃん!
    • Nyan! - Meow!
  • How do you like that, huh? (BH, ditto) - あんかけチャーハン?/ ホイ ホイ チャーハン
    • Ankake chaahan? - Fried rice with sauce on top?
    • Hoi, hoi, chaahan - Hoi, hoi, fried rice
  • Like (?), huh?! (BH, ditto) - 巻いて食えやプーさん?
    • Maite kue ya puu san? - Do you like to roll, eat, and pull, mister?
  • Get up. (BH) - 池田
    • Ikeda. - Ikeda.
  • Two can play it! (Danny Lee - DL, ditto) - 新日暮里

Other sourcesEdit

  • Come on, son! (BH, wrestling with Duncan Mills) - 鎌田さん
    • Kamata-san - Mr. Kamata
  • How do you like that, huh?! (Duncan Mills, ditto) - 蟹になりたい
    • Kani ni naritai - I want to be a crab
  • That's power, son, that's power! (BH) - なったお(^ω^)そなったお(^ω^)
    • Nattao(^ω^)sonattao(^ω^) - It has become, it has become it.
  • (?) - いく♂ぞオラァ
    • Iku♂zo oraa - Let us♂go, oraa
  • (?) Sweden? - 超スピード?!
    • Chou spiido?! - Super speed?!
  • Let's see if you got all of this, let's see if you got all this (DL?) - 安いギャラです、安いギャラですよ
    • Yasui gyara desu, yasui gyara desu yo - They are cheap galleries, they are cheap galleries
  • (?) (DL)- 未知のエリア!
    • Michi no eria! - Unknown area!
  • Two can play dirty! (DL) - 強くなりたい!
    • Tsuyoku naritai! - I want to become stronger!
  • (?) (Mark Wolff) - ダブルゆきば
    • Daburu Yukiba - Double Yukiba
  • (?) (Mark Wolff) - うー、やっぱり怖えぇー
    • Uu, yabari kowaee - Urgh, it is frightening after all!
  • You got it all the way, all the way, all the way. (possibly Mark Wolff?) - いかん危ない危ない危ない
    • Ikan abunai abunai abunai - It is dangerous, and dangerous, and dangerous
  • Ohohoho, get it up! (DL) - おっほっほっほ~元気だ(^ω^)
    • Ohohoho ~ genki da (^ω^) - Ohohoho, I am fine.
  • Hands up, hands up! -
    • Eezo, eezo! -
  • [Up they ... soar] ? -
    • Ichi, ni ... san! - One, two ... three!
  • She gave me quite a show. - 茂美、怖いでしょう
    • Shigemi kowai deshou - She's scary, isn't she?
  • You getting mad? (Nick Steel - NS, while slapping BH) - イケメーン?www
    • Ikemeen? - Handsome?
  • Atten-TION! (BH, as a drill sergeant) - パチュリー、ウッ!

(Patchouli is a character from the Touhou video-games, which are popular among Nico Nico Douga users)

  • Take it, boy! (Van Darkholme - VD, while torturing several men in a dungeon) - 平家ボーイ

(The Tale of the Heike, or Heike Monogatari in Japanese, is an epic account of the Heike clan's struggles against their Minamoto rivals for control of medieval Japan)

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