Shinnippori (Japanese: 新日暮里, "New Nippori") is a fictional location often referenced in Gachimuchi videos.

Information Edit

(The information presented here is based on conjecture, and may not be official or accepted by Gachimuchi fanon.)


Typical people from Shinnippori.

  • Geographical location: possibly near Arakawa, eastern Tokyo, Japan, East Asia
  • National motto: Yugamineena!
  • Capital: Shinnippori, most likely a city-state
  • Languages: Japanese, English
  • Government: possibly a republic, or a micronation
  • Currency: unknown, possibly Japanese yen or American dollars

Trivia Edit

  • Shinnippori's name is based on the mishearing of Danny Lee's utterance as he was wrestling Billy Herrington, "Two can play it!"
  • Shinnippori's name is based on the real-life interchange railway station, Nippori Station (日暮里駅 "Nippori-eki"), which is located in Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Shinnippori should not be confused with Singapore, a real-world city-state republic in Southeast Asia.
  • Sometimes, "Shinnippori University" (新日暮里大学) and "Shinnippori High School" (新日暮里高校) are mentioned.

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