Cameron sage

"You! Better watch yourself, dude."

Seth Dickens is a wrestler and firefighter who worked with Billy Herrington in "Playing With Fire 2: Burn With Passion" (as Cameron Sage).

Names Edit

His fan nickname, "くりーむしちゅー 池田" (Kuriimushichuu Ikeda) was derived from his face resembling those of two Japanese comedians who work in the group "Cream Stew" (くりぃむしちゅー). It was also derived from Billy Herrington's misheard line while he wrestled against Danny Lee, "Why don't you get up?"

History Edit

Seth Dickens not only appeared in "Playing With Fire 2", but he also acted as a cowboy and a soldier (in "Hearts and Minds").

Role in Gachimuchi Edit

He is well-known for his long chin (photoshopped into many pictures and videos) and his "You!" quote.

In fanon, he is also shown as working in Tsuyoshi Industries.