Playing With Fire is the name of two videos about firemen.

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These videos, starring Billy Herrington, became Gachimuchi sources.

The first one, known simply as Playing with Fire, was the source for the GACHIGASM face.

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Playing with Fire Edit



A bare-chested man wipes the sides of a fire truck. Another man, who is naked, approaches and fondles the earlier man. A third man, wearing yellow overalls with red straps, sits on a seat in the fire truck, and steps out and rubs his chest.

The naked man later stands and rubs his body on the fire truck.

Playing With Fire 2: Burn with Passion Edit

Prologue Edit

-Playing with fire 2-パンツレスリングの兄貴 説教編

-Playing with fire 2-パンツレスリングの兄貴 説教編

A man lights a candle with a cigarette lighter, pleasures himself, and leaves his semen on a fire hydrant. He later burns a building, which turns out to be possibly a motel.

Martin Wannamaker.

In Fire Station 69, somewhere in Los Angeles, Fire Chief Billy (Billy Herrington) tells his colleagues to rush to the motel, and helps a newer colleague (Steve Cassidy) by removing an excess sock in one of his boots. After extinguishing its fires, Billy and his colleagues investigate the sources of the fires, and notice that smell of semen on a gas canister. That incident was later broadcast by a man known as Martin Wannamaker, who adds that the previous incident was connected by several others, with the perpetrator leaving behind gasoline cans, lighters, and his semen. Now, all fire departments are on high alert for any more fires caused by that perpetrator, who is dubbed as "the Semen Arsonist".

Socks in one's boots Edit

Playing with fire 2

Playing with fire 2

When Billy and his colleagues return to the station, Billy asks two of them on which of them had put socks on Steve's boots. Steve replies that his other colleagues had put socks on his boots to mock his homosexuality, and leaves. Billy asks the two colleagues to go and take a shower, and he takes a nap.

Meeting (exact placement in story's role unknown, presumably somewhere in the middle) Edit

Billy reads some files in his office. Bo (Bo Garrett), Billy's long-haired younger brother, knocks at his office's door, and Billy invites him in. Billy tells Bo that he is not supposed to return to the fire station, as he was very drunk on the last time he was present. Paul replies that he wants to pay his brother a visit, and that he is not drunk.

Billy asks Bo about the latter's issue, and Bo answers that he has a loan that he needs to settle. Billy suggests to Bo to quit his currently-useless jobs, offering him a job at the cadet program to be a firefighter. Paul tells Billy that he loves fire, as it arouses him. When Billy wants to speak to him, Paul became uninterested.

Outside, someone (Steve Cassidy) bumps into two men. One of them (Cameron Sage) warns him to be careful, and his respondent tells him to "get fucked". The third man in a white shirt tries to stop the two men from starting a fight, and Cameron warns Steve to watch himself, because he has caused enough trouble.

Billy talks with Bo about himself and his sexual fantasies, and Bo assures him that they are good and natural. As Steve knocks at his office door, Billy tells Bo to keep their conversation a secret. Billy introduces Steve to Bo. After Steve leaves, Billy tells Bo about Steve's blatant homosexuality causing his colleagues to be upset at him. He also tells Bo to stay away from Steve, and leave the fire station, and stop taking drugs and getting drunk. Bo mocks and curses at Billy for his seemingly-authoritative attitude, which supposedly began since he joined the fire department. As Bo leaves the door, Billy flips the bird and sits down.

Tortoise vs Billy

Tortoise vs Billy

Cameron greets Billy and another colleague, and tells him that Bo has entered the station without wearing any pants. As Billy was changing his clothes, a colleague speaks to him, and Billy tells him to avoid the roof section, which he goes up to. When he reaches there, he does several pushups as Cassidy watches, and then the two fire-fighters wrestle.

Eavesdropping and Capture Edit

Two colleagues were talking to each other in a locker room, when they notice Bo overhearing them, and pursue him as he runs off. Bo (who is revealed to be that arsonist) is later seen naked, sniffing at a firefighter's jacket as his signature gasoline can sits next to him.

Back in the fire station, Billy asks one of his colleagues to consider going on a date, which he accepts. They later respond to another fire alarm, and advance towards a burning apartment somewhere in Hollywood. As Steve looks for survivors, and tries to rescue Bo in the basement. Bo beats Steve and leaves him unconscious, wears his uniform and helmet, and leaves. Steve recovers and tries to escape, and Billy rescues him. He collapses and is sent by paramedics to a hospital, while Bo is being arrested and is taken into a police car.

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