Main Tags Edit

  • レスリングシリーズ (Wrestling Series)
    • The main tag for everything Gachimuchi-related. Another tag used is パンツレスリング (Pants Wrestling)
  • 兄貴本編リンク (Aniki main link)
    • A tag for main Gachimuchi sources and videos of Billy Herrington.
  • 東方餡掛炒飯 (Fried rice with fried tofu)
    • When Gachimuchi meets Touhou in crossovers.
  • ボンデージ・マスター (Bondage Master)
  • 妖精狩り (Fairy hunting)
    • For several wrestling videos related to some minor characters. They were referred to as "fairy" in relation to Billy Herrington being nicknamed as a "Forest Fairy" in one earlier video.
  • 公開処刑 (Koukai shokei, "public execution")
    • A sarcastic tag for various general topics.
  • 例のアレ (Rei no are, "Examples of are")
    • A tag for several fandoms, such as Gachimuchi and Inmu.

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