Aniki truly loves your responsible usage of memes. Keep making him proud, boys!

Memes are repeated activities or ideas done for amusement. Much of the Gachimuchi fandom was formed from memes, usually from mishearing characters' dialogue.

List of memes Edit

  • Male signs (♂) - usually♂placed♂between♂words or after words to indicate that Gachimuchi is a masculine genre, as it uses wrestling videos as sources. This meme possibly originated from fans typing these characters between Van Darkholme's quotation, "Boy next door". It is also used to suggest that something is homoerotic.
  • Kai-San-Kyo (戒賛許) - "Precept-Praise-Tolerance" in Japanese. This phrase of three kanji represents the three values of the Fairy Philosophy.
  • Akasan

    Aka-san. Not the Haitian dish, or the Valarin word "akašân" ("He says").

    Aka-san or Babyface (赤さん, "Mr. Red") - the face of a baby boy used to censor the characters' private parts, or simply as a humorous element for videos. The original meme was used as an image macro (similar to the Advice Dog and related memes), which begins with a kind remark devolving into an insult, ending with the words "Masani Geidou!" (まさに外道. "Downright heresy!" or "Shame on you!"). Its humorous element of a happy baby's face against a strongly insulting comment caused it to become an amusing meme, mainly because his appearance shames the viewer for watching clips that are lewd. Other things used to censor characters' parts include smoke, vegetables, and crabs.
  • Crabs - small crustaceans with flat bodies, several legs, and two pincers on two front legs to catch prey or to defend themselves. Duncan Mills tends to be associated with crabs, as his words "How do you like that?" sounded like "Kani ni naritai" (蟹になりたい, "I want to be a crab").
  • Fried rice - a delicacy made from rice, meat, vegetables, eggs, and oil to fry the meal. It originated from a mishearing of Billy Herrington saying "How do you like that, huh?" as "Hoi, hoi, fried rice with sauce?".
  • Tongari Corn - the Japanese version of Bugles. It originated from a misheard conversation: "So how do you feel?" "Incredible" as "Saikyou Tongari Corn" (最強♂とんがりコーン, "Strongest - Tongari Corn").
  • Right version - a remixed song with Gachimuchi sounds inserted into it, played after a different song that is played normally.
  • Happygachi

    GACHIGASM. Used as an emoticon for Twitch users.

    GACHIGASM - used to show approval. This term is derived from "Gachi(muchi)" and "orgasm". It originated from someone playing a remixed video on, and it being later uploaded as "forsen vs reynad". Forsen showed the video on stream, and it became so popular on, that it became a meme with "NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC" that was later replaced with GACHIGASM (due to the association with Kreygasm). This meme's popularity was also fuelled by this video.
    • Japanese Gachimuchi fans used that face when Aniki is being hurt or scared, perhaps because it looked amusing to see that he is still smiling even in pain.
    • Another related approval meme is "THANK♂YOU♂SIR", which was derived from one of Van Darkholme's victims in one of his films.
  • Boy Next Door - a wrestler or any Gachimuchi character, specifically and possibly one of Van Darkholme's prisoners. Originally meant "average man". Comes from Van's line "we'll invite all types ... and the, boy next door."
  • Wrestling Series / Resuringu Shiriizu (レスリングシリーズ), Forest Fairy/Mori Yousei (森の妖精), Philosophy/Tetsugaku (哲学) - deliberately misleading tags.
    • As the most popular sources tend to be wrestling videos, "Wrestling" became the term used
    • The tag "Forest Fairy" was derived from a scene in which Billy Herrington appears as a fairy coming out of a forest. It is also a Japanese slang term for a homosexual.
  • Tenga


    TENGA (テンガ) - a Japanese sex toy used in Gachimuchi videos as a background object (for example, to catch fish).
  • 810 / HATTEN (ハッテン) - a number used in Japanese sources that indicates homosexuality, reflecting the sources' origins.
  • Aaaaaaaargh! (アッー! ) - screaming, such as when Billy Herrington gets hurt. Japanese fans replaced almost any "A" (あ/ア) that is present with this.
    • Other variations used for screaming include:
    • "あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"あ"!!!" (for Thunder)
    • 嗚呼 (read as "Aa")
  • HIWIRE/crab-shinnippori - a series of remixed music videos on Nico Nico Douga. Within Gachimuchi fanon, HIWIRE is an electronic music rave party held in the fictional techno or hip-hop club, Club-Shinnippori, located somewhere within the city of the same name.
    • HIWIRE's name was derived from "Hiwai" (卑猥, "lewd") and "WIRE" (the Japanese techno rave event).
    • The other name for this series of remixed music videos, crab-shinnippori, is based on two English words, "crab" and "club", both presumably pronounced in a Japanese accent. Crabs had became popular animals among Gachimuchi fans as one character, Duncan Mills ("Kamata Gosaku", 鎌田 吾作) said some words that were misheard in Japanese as "Kani ni naritai" (蟹になりたい, "I want to be a crab").

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