Mark Wolff, the boss of this gym.

LORDS OF THE LOCKERROOM is an American film released in 1999, starring Mark Wolff, Van Darkholme, Billy Herrington and Nick Steel. It is one of many sources of Gachimuchi videos.

Starring Edit

BH - Billy Herrington

VD - Van Darkholme

MW - Mark Wolff

NS - Nick Steel

Plot Edit

Round№1 - BH vs NS Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 兄貴vs城之内 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Aniki vs Nick Steele") Billy Herrington was taking a shower, when Nick Steel entered in lockerroom. After shower Billy started to change clothes and keeps up appearances by challenging Nick to a match. They strip down to their trunks and wrestle.

Round№2 - VD vs MW Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 外伝 TDN VS ビオランテ ("Aniki's Pants Wrestling Side Story: TDN vs. Biollante") Mark Wolff was sitting on a bench in a locker room, when Van Darkholme enters, wearing a leather BSDM outfit. When Mark, thinking that Van might be lost, tells him that "the leather club's just two blocks down", Van curses at him. Prompted by Van's insult, Wolff and Van shove each other, as they agree to settle their conflict by wrestling. They strip down to their trunks and wrestle.

Round№3 - BH - MW Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 兄貴vsビオランテ ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Aniki vs Biollante") It`s time for Billy and Mark to square-off and the two bodybuilders give it all they have. Billy came to lockerroom when he saw Mark sitting on a bench. Billy said that he heard some strange sounds there, then Mark said that ke knocked out some jabroni there.Then, the fight began. Billy takes round one, forcing Mark to jerk off. Then he challenges Mark to a loser-gets-fucked second round - and, amazingly, Mark accepts!


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  • "Hey, buddy, I think you've got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down" - Mark Wolff.
  • "F*** you." - Van Darkholme. His curse word was used to create music for Gachimuchi remixes.
  • "I'll show you who's the boss of this gym." - Mark Wolff.
  • "Woo!" - Van Darkholme.
  • "You're getting mad? You're getting mad?!" - Nick Steel.
  • "Get out of that jabroni outfit" - Mark Wolff.

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  • Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3, another notable clip with Billy Herrington that begun the Gachimuchi fandom after its usage in Rickrolling Nico Nico Douga users.