Knaked Knights is a movie about a bunch of naked men posing and playing with fake swords, and running away from a lizard man.

Role Edit

These videos, starring Half-fish man, became Gachimuchi sources. The Knaked Knights' castle was also used in videos as a template for almost any building.

Plot Edit

A bunch of naked men emerge from a cave, as they try to capture an ivy-lined castle from one member's father and an evil princess. At first, they take down several guards and take away their armor and weapons, but more guards catch them and torture them in a dungeon.

They were thrown into a moat to be tormented and eaten by the Half-fish man, and the guards push them into the moat when they try to climb out. One of them uses his chains to stop the Half-fish man, distracting the guards and allowing his friends to leave the moat. They later fight the guards in order to escape.

Cast Edit

  • Anthony Stone (one of the castle guards)
  • Dan Canuck
  • Sam Ashton
  • Steve Grier
  • Rainey Mason
  • Matt Westmore (Half-fish man)
  • Cristi Lake (evil princess)

Trivia Edit

  • Shinnippori school

    For example, in the 2014 IWF collab, "Spanking Revolution (Red Team)", the castle was reused as a wrestlingschool.

    The movie was filmed at The Hollywood Castle (34° 7' 23.7032" N, 118° 19' 5.7216" W).
  • Japanese fans refer the Knaked Knights castle as "ケツホルデス城" (Ketsuholedesu Castle) after their nickname for the evil princess.

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