Gachimuchi - Kazuya's Water Gun Fight With The Boys

Gachimuchi - Kazuya's Water Gun Fight With The Boys

Junkyard Boyz is a film released on December 1, 2000 by the pornography company Sharpshooter Studios. It features one of the most popular Gachimuchi characters, Danny Lee, along with others.

Plot Edit

Nine muscular men come to a junkyard and show off their bodies. They are shown stripping cars and working with scrap metal. Next, they start a water gun fight in the Junkyard, where they hide in cars and behind rusty metal to avoid getting shot with water. After this, each of the actors strip down and put on a private show.

Cast Edit

Junkgroup with censorship

(Starting from top left, going clockwise) David Dewitt, Orlando Torres, Danny Lee, Thomas Papillon, Dillon Day, Dino Derio, Daniel Freeman, Adam Logan, Tim Carlton

Trivia Edit

  • Tsuyoshi Industries

    "Erimus fortes!" -- Kiyoshi Kazuya, 2017.

    Fans refer the junkyard where this film takes place as Tsuyoshi Industries ((有)ツヨシ工業, Tsuyoshi Kougyou, "Stronger Industries"). Its name was based on one of Danny's misheard lines, "強くなりたい!" (Tsuyoku naritai!, "I want to become stronger").
  • The movie was filmed in a junkyard located in 11801 Sherman Way, Los Angeles, California.
  • All of movie's music tracks are reportedly from de Wolfe Music catalogue. These tracks include:
    • Super Kazuya Theme: Breakdown by Nigel Broad and Scott Kluesner
    • Opening Theme: Copperhead by Terry Gadsden and Frederik Kinck-Petersen
    • Rassen Theme: Sahara by Justin Myers and Hywel Maggs
    • Bacon Theme: Keep On Pushin' by Colin Kiddy