Gachimuchi - Kazuya's Water Gun Fight With The Boys04:37

Gachimuchi - Kazuya's Water Gun Fight With The Boys

Junkyard Boyz is a film involving Danny Lee and several men having a water gun fight at a junkyard known as "Atlas Auto Wreckers".

Plot Edit

Danny Lee arrives to Atlas Auto Wreckers in a white truck. He joins several men who wore only their underwear, who wave as they are driven to a junkyard and they disassemble several cars to acquire scrap parts. He and his co-workers topple several zinc boards as they stand and pose, before they resume their work.

Sometimes they stop and pose for viewers. When two of them get rides on wheelbarrows, a few other men ambush them, and a water gun battle ensures. They afterwards board the tow truck and drive out.

Trivia Edit

  • Fans refer the junkyard where this film takes place as Tsuyoshi Industries (ツヨシ工業, "Stronger Industries").

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