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The Nihonshouki, the National Flag of Japan.

Japan (Japanese: 日本, Nihon, "Land of the Rising Sun"; formally 日本国, Nippon-koku, "Nation of Japan") is a country located in Eastern Asia. It is located on several islands east of China, Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.

Information Edit

  • Geographical location: Eastern Asia.
  • Climate: Temperate, subtropical and tropical to the south.
  • National anthem: Kimigayo.
  • Capital: Tokyo.
  • Language: No official language, but Japanese is the national language. However, the island of Angaur in the nation of Palau in the far south is the only place in the world where Japanese is actually treated as an official language. Ainu and Ryukyuan are used in Hokkaido in the north and the islands of Ryukyu in the south, respectively.
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy.
  • Emperor: Akihito.
  • Prime Minister: Abe Shinzō.
  • Currency: Japanese yen.

Japanese language Edit

The Japanese language consists of syllables, being either of only a vowel, a consonant followed by a vowel, or a final "n" that sounds like the nasalized "n" in French or Portuguese.

It is written using four scripts: the curved hiragana (平仮名), the angular katakana (片仮名), the Chinese kanji (漢字) characters, and the romaji (ローマ字) letters of the Latin alphabet.

Here is a guide to help you correctly pronounce the Japanese language:

Vowels: Edit

  • a - "ah"
  • i - "ee"
  • u - "ew" or "ooh"
  • e - "eh"
  • o - "oh"

Diphthongs Edit

  • aa - longer "ah"
  • ii - longer "ee"
  • uu - longer "ooh"
  • ee, ei - longer "eh"
  • oo, ou - longer "oh"

Consonants Edit

  • k - "k" as in "skip"
  • s - "s" as in "soup"
    • sh - "sh" as in "sheep"
  • t - "t" as in "stop"
    • chi - "chee" as in "cheer"
    • tsu - "tsoo" as in "Sun Tzu"
  • n - "n" as in "now"
  • h - "h" as in "how"
    • hi - "hee" as in "here"
    • fu - "few" as in "few"
  • m - "m" as in "many"
  • y - "y" as in "yard"
  • r - "ttl" as in "bottle" in some American English dialects
  • wa - "wah" was in "want"
    • wo is pronounced as "oh", as it currently only functions as a grammatical marker.
  • g - "g" as in "go"
  • z - "dz" as in "adze"
    • j - "j" as in "Jeep"
  • d - "d" as in "dart"
  • b - "b" as in "bet"
  • p - "p" as in "park"

Extra note Edit

  • When は (ha) and へ (he) are used as grammatical markers, they are pronounced as "wa" and "e" respectively, instead of the usual "ha" and "he".

Role Edit

Japan is the home country of Nico Nico Douga, 2channel, and Futaba Channel, and therefore it is also the birthplace of Gachimuchi, which is a popular meme in these websites. The misinterpretations of the dialogue of the actors in the original videos contributed to their popularity.

Due to his fame among Nico Nico Douga users, Billy Herrington sometimes visits Japan and some nearby countries to meet with his fans.

Japan is also the most likely home country of the fictional city of Shinnippori.

Trivia Edit

  • Japan also has its own forms of fighting sports, known as martial arts. Other than sumo wrestling, it also has aikido, karate, and judo.

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