Content Aware Scale - House of Detention (2000)

Content Aware Scale - House of Detention (2000)

Live footage of human rights abuses by the despotic Van.

"House of Detention" is another hilarious video directed by Matthew Moore by Can-Am Productions, released in the year 2002. It involves Van as the abusive keeper of a dungeon filled with miserable prisoners, and several members' attempts to escape his oppression and torment.

Summary Edit

After torturing some prisoners using a violet wand, two of Van's guards bring two Czech men as his newest prisoners. He later subjects them into a series of abusive practices, ranging from being trapped in a vacuumed layer, to waterboarding, and being forced to wrestle.

After Van leashes them and drags them into his hall, his guards tie him, allowing his prisoners to beat him up. Even then, one of the new slaves unties Van, apologizing to him so he will capture new prisoners.


  • Heike boys asl challenge-0

    A safe preview of this horrific episode.

    Van Darkholme, as the abusive dungeon master
  • Erik Michaels, as the first slave (and a source for musical remixes)
  • Duncan Mils, as the second slave (and the crab)
  • Jirka Kavloda, as the first Czech prisoner
  • Jarda Kolar, as the second Czech prisoner
  • Joshua Scott
  • Butch America
  • Joe Jackson, as the perplexed Black guard
  • Thomas Slayer

Memes Edit

60 seconds of infamy

But can he sing♂?

Names Edit

  • パンツレスリング ボンデージ・マスター ("Pants Wrestling: Bondage Master")
  • ボンデージ・マスター ガチ鞭編 ("Bondage Master: Gachi Whip")
  • ボンデージ・マスター バキューム編【画質向上版】("Bondage Master: Vacuum")
  • ボンデージマスター 合宿編(修正版) ("Bondage Master: Training Camp (Modified)")
  • パンツレスリング ボンデージ・マスター 新日暮里プロレス編 Ass調整VAN ("Pants Wrestling: Bondage Master: Shinnippori Professional Wrestling")

Memes Edit

The Japanese Gachimuchi fandom became amused by this video. Van's unit of prisoners and guards became known as the "Heike Boys" (平家BOY), after one of Van's lines when he shaves Duncan.

Also, Erik Michaels' infamous screams ("OHHH, YES♂SIR!!!") became used for musical♂remixes.

English-speaking Gachi fans adopted Erik's line "Thank you, sir!" as a positive compliment, like Yugamineena.

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