Here is a glossary of Japanese-language terms used in Gachimuchi.

General/Nico Nico Douga-related Edit

  • コメ付き (Kome-tsuki) - "With rice/comments"
    • コメ (kome) both mean "rice" and "comment" (in a shortened form). It refers to a video full of colorful words that tend to slide to the right, and many of them mock the content of their video.
  • 810 / ハッテン (HATTEN)
    • a number used in Japanese sources that indicates homosexuality, reflecting the sources' origins.
  • 本格 (Honkaku) - "Authentic"
  • 申レN (Moureene) - "Sorry, but wrestling is just wicked [awesome]"
    • Short for しわけないがスリング厨はNG (MOUshiwake nai ga REsuringu-chu wa ENEgii), which means "I am sorry, but the wrestling fandom/kitchen [Gachimuchi] is Not Good" ("Not Good" is sarcastically used in the same sense that "wicked" can mean "cool"). Used by Japanese Gachimuchi fans against their Inmu rivals, playing with the meaning of the 厨 ("chu") part of "淫夢厨" ("Inmu-chu") which both mean "kitchen" and "annoying fan".
    • As a result, Inmu fans developed 申し訳ないが淫夢厨はNG (Moushiwake nai ga Inmu-chu wa enegii) or 申淫N (Mouin'ene) as their version to celebrate their fandom against their Gachi rivals.

Expressions of LOL Edit

  • ww (warawara) - "LOL"
    • Short for 笑う ("warau"), which means "laugh". A single w may be added after a word to signify the commenter's amusement from its topic.
  • ワロタ (warota) - "I am laughing"
    • Originated from a Kansai dialect form of 笑って ("waratte"), which means "[I am] laughing"
  • (kusa) - "grass", "LOL"
    • The result of multiple ws being put together, as wwwwwwwww resembles the shape of grass.

Gachimuchi in general Edit

  • レスリング (resuringu) - "wrestling", based on the English word
    • Originally a clickbait term that directed unsuspecting viewers towards Gachimuchi videos, it became the most-used local Japanese term for Gachimuchi-related content in general.

Source-related Edit

  • 歪音エナ (Yugami-ENA)
    • Vocaloid music videos based on Gachimuchi sources and memes. A pun on "Yugamineena", a misheard line of dialogue spoken by Billy than means "You are awesome!".

See also Edit

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