Gachimuchi (Japanese: ガチムチ), or Gachi in short, is a subculture and genre of fan-made videos originating from Japan, which involves editing wrestling videos.

Name Edit

"Gachimuchi" is derived from two Japanese terms: "gacchiri" (がっちり, "muscular", "athletic"), and "muchimuchi" (ムチムチ; "chubby", "throbbing").

History Edit

On September 30th, 2007, a video clip from Billy Herrington's video, "Workout Muscular Men 3", was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga as a bait-and-switch video, as "Professional-Pants Wrestling" (本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング, Honkaku-teki Gachimuchi Pantsu Resuringu). It nonetheless gained more than 5.5 million views in less than five years, and spawned many musical remixes and comedic edited videos involving him and other characters, under various tags, such as "Gachimuchi Pants Wreslting" (ガチムチ パンツ レスリング), or simply "Wrestling (Series)" (レスリング (シリーズ)), "Forest Fairy" (森の妖精, Mori no Yousei) and "Philosophy" (哲学, Tetsugaku).

Ever since, it has gained audiences outside Japan, in countries such as the United States (where its source videos originated), Taiwan, China, Russia, and Poland.

It was also used by the Swedish Hearthstone gamer, Forsen, in some of his videos and in his Twitch account, in which he sometimes speaks and messages to Billy Herrington on Twitter.

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Trivia Edit

  • Gachimuchi is also a name for a subgenre of "boys love" or "bara" (薔薇, "rose"), an art or fiction genre involving homosexual characters. Among English-speaking fans of the subgenre, it is referred simply as "bara".
  • "Gachi" also resembles the Japanese word "kachi", which means "victory", or the suffix "-gachi", which means "able to do" (both are written as "勝ち").
  • As much of the sources for Gachimuchi were from gay pornography videos, many scenes in the videos had to be cut or censored, to comply with the rules of the websites that these videos are being posted in.

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