Fried rice Japan
Fried rice (Japanese: チャハーン, 炒飯, chahaan; from Chinese 炒飯, chǎofàn) is a popular meal eaten in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. It is rice fried with cooking oil, and with added ingredients, such as vegetables, fried eggs, and meat (including crab meat).

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Hoi hoi chahan

Hoi, hoi, chaahan!

Due to a mishearing of Billy Herrington saying "How do you like that, huh?" as "あんかけチャーハン" (Ankake chaahan, "fried rice with sauce on top") or "ホイ ホイ チャーハン" (Hoi hoi chaahan, "Hoi, hoi, fried rice"), fried rice sometimes appears as a meal in Gachimuchi videos, especially with Aniki recommending the dish as his favorite food.

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