The Three Principles of the Big Brother.

The Fairy Philosophy (妖精哲学, Yousei Tetsugaku), the Three Major Principles of the Big Brother, or simply "Philosophy" (哲学, Tetsugaku) is a set of three principles influenced by mishearings of Billy Herrington's dialogue with other wrestlers, resulting in Billy being viewed as a philosopher in Gachimuchi fanon. They are referenced in many Gachimuchi videos.

The Principles Edit


A graphic illustration of the Three Principles in Japanese.

They consist of:
  • The Heart of Admonition, represented by "" (kai, "precept"):
    • 戎めの心, "Ebisu-me no shin"
    • (Saikin Darashi Neena, "You're really slacking off these days")
  • The Heart of Praise, represented by "" (san, "praise"):
    • 賛美の心, "Sanbi no shin"
    • (Yugami Neena, "It's steadfast")
  • The Heart of Tolerance, represented by "" (kyo, "tolerance"):
    • 許容の心, "Kyouyo no shin"
    • (Shikata Naine, "It can't be helped")


"Huh?! Getting sloppy nowadays?"

Collectively, the three-kanji phrase "戒賛許" (kai-san-kyo) are used as a symbol of the Fairy Philosophy's moral values, or simply as an amusing background meme.

Trivia Edit

  • "Forest Fairy" (森の妖精, mori no yousei) and "Philosophy" (哲学, tetsugaku) were deliberately misleading tags used at Nico Nico Douga for Gachimuchi wrestling videos. The nickname "Forest Fairy" (also a Japanese slang term for a homosexual person) was derived from a scene in which Billy Herrington appears as a fairy coming out of a forest.
  • Philosophy

    A cameo of the Three Principles from "Plastic Memories"

    A poster of the Three Major Principles appeared in an episode of the Japanese animated series, "Plastic Memories". It can be seen on the right side of the picture (right), behind the man wearing a blue shirt.

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