Erik Michaels

"What am I doing with my life?"

Erik Michaels is one of the many characters in Gachimuchi.


Japanese fans gave him the nickname "Gay Makaay" (ゲイ マカーイ) due to his resemblance to the Dutch soccer player Roy Makaay.


Erik Michaels appeared in "House of Detention" as one of Van Darkholme's prisoners, and in "Cockpit" as one of the passengers.

Role in GachimuchiEdit

60 seconds of infamy

How it feels to shave♂every morning.

His screams became a staple sound effect, similar to the "Fercussion" (ファ楽器) of Van's swearing.

His character, Makaay, is usually depicted as the unfortunate victim of some bad event. He is also shown to have a weakness for razors, which causes him to suddenly enjoy♂its buzzing when he gets shaved.


  • "Oh! Oh! Ah, ah! Aw, f*ck, aw!" (used as his equivalent of Van's "Fercussion" used to make musical remixes)
  • "OHHH, YES♂SIR!"
  • "No, sir! I-I swear I didn't jack off last night, sir. I came in my sleep."
  • "Come on!"


Trivia Edit

  • Gachimuchi fans, especially English-speaking ones, used one of his lines, "Thank you, sir!" as a compliment.

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