Duncan Mills is yet another wrestler in some Gachimuchi sources.

Names Edit

Japanese fans gave him the nickname "Kamata Gosaku" (鎌田吾作) after some misheard dialogue. It also led to another nickname from his "given name", "539", from "go" (5), "sa[n]" (3) and "ku" (9).

History Edit

He appeared in several films, such as "Workout" (where he wrestled with Billy and was defeated), "House of Detention" (where he was tortured in Van's dungeon), and another video where he got himself a pet for Christmas.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit

Due to his line "How do you like that?" being misheard in Japanese as "kani ni naritai" (蟹になりたい, "I want to be a crab"), fans depicted him as either aspiring to be a crab, or being a crab himself.

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