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Danny Lee (Japanese: 木吉カズヤ, Kiyoshi Kazuya) is a professional dancer, bodybuilder and an actor.

Biography Edit

Danny Lee was born on November 8th, 1968 in Toronto, Canada.

He later moved to Southern California to pursue his entertainment career. He was no stranger to showing off, having modeled and danced with Chippendales. He appeared in various adult magazines such as Playgirl, All-Man and Unzipped.

Danny's last appearance was in the movie Daydream Obsession (2003). It is found that he now works in real estate.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit

His character, Kiyoshi Kazuya, is depicted in Gachimuchi videos as a secondary protagonist, or a friend of Billy Herrington.

In one of Can-Am Productions' films, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3, he wrestles Billy Herrington, with their misheard dialogue being made into memes, such as "Kazuya" (カズヤ), which earned him his fandom name.

In a part of Junkyard Boyz he dances seductively and slowly takes off his underwear. Its background music been remade into many remixes, under Super Kazuya Theme Song.

Quotes Edit

Workout: The Director's Cut Edit

  • "Give up!"
  • "So how do you feel?"
  • "ん”ん”ん”ん”ん”ん”ん”(肯定)"
  • "Nya(n)!"
  • "Two can play it!"

Junkyard Boyz Edit

  • おっほっほっほっほ〜 元気だぁ( ^ω^)
    • Japanese mishearing of "Oh ho ho ho ho ganging up!"
  • "Up they... soar!"
  • "Hands up, hands up!"

Others Edit

  • "Two can play dirty!"
  • "Let's see if you got all of this, let's see if you got all of this!"

Accidental Publication of Death Edit


In late January, 2018, Danny was found to be still alive despite a tweet by Billy Herrington which implied that he may be deceased. Today, Danny does realtor business and likes dirt biking.

Danny has a Facebook and YouTube account, but it won't be linked out of respect. If you find them, please do not contact him as people already have, and he may take negatively to his internet fame.

Trivia Edit

  • Nyan

    "Nyan, nyan, nyan!" ( ^ω^)

    As one of his grunts sounded like "Nyan!" (にゃん, "meow") in Japanese, some fans depict Danny Lee as being associated with cats. He was about to punch Billy's back with his fists as he was saying this.
  • Super Kazuya Theme's original name is Breakdown by Nigel Broad and Scott Kluesner.
  • He used many aliases during his adult entertainment career, such as James Blond, Danny Dallas, Danny Resco and Alan Rossett.
  • He used to own a yellow Corvette.

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