Danny Lee, challenging someone to a duel.

Danny Lee (Japanese: 木吉カズヤ, Kiyoshi Kazuya) is a bodybuilder and an actor.

Role Edit

He appeared in one video in which he wrestles Billy Herrington, with their misheard dialogue being made into memes, such as "Kazuya" (カズヤ), which earned him his fandom name.

In another video, he dances seductively. It has been remade into many remixes, under "Super Kazuya Theme Song".

His character, "Kiyoshi Kazuya", is depicted in Gachimuchi videos as a secondary protagonist, or a friend of Billy Herrington.

Quotes Edit

Workout: The Director's Cut Edit

Junkyard Boyz Edit

  • "OHOHOHOHO ganging up!!!"
  • "Up they ... soar!"
  • "Hands up hands up!"

Others Edit

  • "Two can play dirty!"
  • "Let's see if you got all of this, let's see if you got all of this!"

Trivia Edit

  • As one of his grunts sounded like "Nyan!" (にゃん, "meow") in Japanese, some fans depict Danny Lee as being associated with cats. He was about to punch Billy's back with his fists as he was saying this.

External links Edit

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