Kani ni naritai
A crab (Japanese: 蟹, kani) is a crustacean with a flat, rounded, shell-like body, and several legs, with the largest two legs having claws known as "pincers". It lives in water and on land, and it tends to walk sideways.

Crabs are a popular kind of cuisine in some countries, including fried rice.

Meme Edit

Due to a mishearing of Duncan Mills' words (while he wrestled Billy Herrington) "How do you like that, huh?!" as "蟹になりたい" (Kani ni naritai, "I want to be a crab"), these humble crustaceans are a commonly-used meme in Gachimuchi videos.

Duncan Mills' character, Kamata Gosaku (鎌田吾作, his name was also derived from misheard dialogue), became associated with crabs, as his character's misheard dialogue suggests that he wanted to be a crab himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Another name for the HIWIRE remix music video series, "crab-shinnippori", was influenced by a play of the English words "club" and "crab".
  • The Latin word for "crab" is "cancer", which is also the name of a constellation and its astrological sign, and a deadly disease involving an abnormal growth of cells. The third definition of the word "cancer" became a word in Internet slang for anything that is very annoying or dislikable that is being spread around, although some creators of Gachimuchi remixed music videos used it to describe the videos' music due to their inappropriate sources.

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