"Halt! Don't move..." - Obama to the prisoners trying to break into the princess's castle


Obama in Knaked Knights.

Chavez Obama (チャべス・オバマ, Anthony Stone) is a black actor who starred in multiple Gachimuchi videos. The first movie with him that was found is known as "Knaked Knights," where he was a guard. The actor who led the Gachimuchi fanatics to first find the video was Anthony Capriati (He also plays the role as one of the prisoners taken hostage in the movie), who starred in a previous video with Aniki, Kazuya, and Gosaku.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit


"Why do you need school for anyways? No one in their right fucking mind would ever hire a blob, like you."

Chavez Obama does not have a major role in the Gachimuchi lore. He is used as a humorous addition to videos because to the Japanese, he looked like a mixture of Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama. Obama's most used scene is his physical speech in Knaked Knight, where he flexes and shows off his body above a peaceful stream.

There are other videos which are uploaded to Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, but are rarely used in the Gachimuchi videos themselves. These are Switchcraft, a film where he plays the role of an abusive drunk stepfather, Tranny a-Go-Go, where a dragqueen forces a "special girl" to preform fellatio on Obama, and Bisexual Nation, where he has a threesome with two women to prove that they are true bisexuals.

There are still more movies, but they are extremely unknown of and are used even less often than the previous listed films. These are Foot Seduction, where he is caught sniffing shoes of two women and then forced to submit and gets teased by them so they won't call the police on him, Read Bi All, where he plays the role of a college student, and The Final Link, where he also stars with Billy Herrington.

Death Edit

Chavez Obama was found to have unfortunately passed away in early 2011 due to a car crash. No other people were hurt in the accident. We hope Obama has a peaceful slumber and rests in peace. Please do not contact any of his relatives or his friends.