Some of the characters in a restaurant somewhere in Shinnippori.

Here is a list of characters referenced in Gachimuchi videos.

Characters Edit

  • Billy Herrington

    Billy Herrington.

    Aniki (兄貴, Billy Herrington)
  • Van sama

    Van Darkholme.

    TDN Kosugi (TDNコスギ, Van Darkholme, or "Van")
  • Boss-of-this-gym.jpg

    Mark Wolff.

    Ikariya Biorante (いかりや ビオランテ, Mark Wolff)
  • Kazuya

    Danny Lee.

    Kiyoshi Kazuya (木吉 カズヤ, Danny Lee), once wrestled against Billy. Some of their misheard words became memes, such as "Shinnippori!" (Two can play it!).
  • Duncan Mills

    Duncan Mills.

    Kamata Gosaku (鎌田吾作, Duncan Mills), was seen in the gym frequented by Billy and Kazuya. His most infamous line is "How do you like that, huh?" being misinterpreted in Japanese as "蟹になりたい" (Kani ni naritai, "I want to be a crab").
  • Cameron sage

    Cameron Sage.

    "Creamstew Ikeda" (くりぃむしちゅー池田, Cameron Sage), an actor who played as a cowboy and a soldier, and fights Steve Cassidy at "Playing With Fire 2". His name was derived from his face resembling those of two Japanese comedians who work in the group "Cream Stew" (くりぃむしちゅー). He has a long chin which was photoshopped into some videos.
  • Steve cassidy

    Steve Cassidy.

    "Tortoise Fujioka" (トータス 藤岡, Steve Cassidy), one of the co-workers at Billy's fire station. He likes to rest on crossed arms and make funny faces while cursing at his co-workers.
  • Bo Garrett

    Bo Garrett, saying, "It's a loan!"

    Birii no Otooto (ビリーの弟, Bo Garrett), Billy's useless little brother who was also one of two guest stars in "Playing With Fire 2", along with Mark Slade. As the notorious "Semen Arsonist", he was later caught and arrested.
  • "Terryman" (テリーマン, Steve Shannon), another firefighter working with Billy, Cameron, Steve, and Gregg.
  • Ebihara Ebizou (海老原海老蔵, Eric Evans), still another firefighter. His fan nickname is based on his resemblance to a Japanese character, Ichikawa Ebizou (市川海老蔵).
  • Owen Sadaoka (オーウェン定岡, Gregg Rockwell, or "Shower Guy"), notable for his odd head washing technique.
  • Izumi DiCaprio's opponent (和泉ディカプリオの相手, Luke Savage), a very muscular firefighter.
  • "Shawaa-hen Saigo no Otoko" ("Shouei") (シャワー編最後の男(照英), Alex Wilcox), the last man to appear in a shower scene.
  • Mark Coleman (マーク コールマン, Brent Banes), still another muscular firefighter.
  • "Izumi DiCaprio" (和泉ディカプリオ, Mark Slade), one of two guest stars of "Playing With Fire 2", the other being Bo Garrett.
  • Inoue Caburera (井上 カブレラ, Anthony Capriate), an obscure character who was first seen working out with Billy and Kazuya, and led Nico Nico Douga to discover Chavez Obama.
  • Hail Caesar

    Blake Harper.

    King Ishii (キング石井, Blake Harper), a man who acted as the Roman Emperor in the movie, "Conquered".
  • Praetorian guard

    Colton Ford.

    Oukokuhen no Sokki (王国編の側近, "Royal Guard", Colton Ford), one of the Roman Emperor's bodyguards.
  • Ricardomilos

    Ricardo Milos.

    "Ronaldinho" (ロナウ自慰ニョ, Ricardo Milos), a Brazilian escort, notable for a Mark Wolff video of him dancing with underwear colored with the designs of the American flag. His fan nickname, "Ronau Jii Nyo", is a pun on "Ronaldinho" (reflecting his Brazilian origins) and a Japanese word for "masturbation".
  • Jonouichi Yuuji (城之内 悠二, Nick Steele), wrestled with Billy at one time, and was seduced by Shigemi.
  • Kolinos

    Ron Athey.

    Chikubi Koriina (乳首コリーナ, Ron Athey), a man who was featured in scenes of him talking into the camera.
  • Lee Johnson

    Lee Johnson.

    "Saigou" (西郷, Lee Johnson), a soldier in Billy's bootcamp clip whose face resembles a famous samurai for his similar-looking eye brows and facial expression. His fan nickname should not be confused with "Saikyou Tongari Corn" (最強 トンガリコーン).
  • "Chavez Obama" (チャべス・オバマ, Anthony Stone), a man whose face has what resembles a mixture of Hugo Chavez's and Barack Obama's features.
  • "Juda Lassen" (ユダ・ラッセン, Todd Mane), a man whose features resemble those of the artist Christian Lassen and the "Fist of the North Star" outlaw, Juda (pronounced as "Yuda").
  • Ikeda Shigemi (池田茂美, Lynn Ross), a plump maid who seduced Nick Steele, who commented, "She gave me quite a show." (茂美、怖いでしょう; Shigemi, kowai deshou; "She's scary, isn't she?") Nick's line and her cringeworthy seduction made her a character who is feared by other Gachimuchi characters, and the sound of her bucket was used for music videos.
  • Danielfreeman

    Daniel Freeman.

    Daniel Freeman, a spiky-haired man who was one of the contestants at "Junkyard Boyz" (along with Danny Lee who said "Ohohohoho, getting up!"). In another video, his ugly grin has also became an amusing addition to some Gachimuchi videos.
  • Chi Chi Larue, a drag diva.
  • Thunder3

    Poor Thunder.

    "Thunder" (サンダー), a man notorious for his loud screams in one of his fights, which are popularly used for music remixes.
  • Martinwannamaker

    Martin Wannamaker.

    Martin Wannamaker, a news reporter in "Playing With Fire 2".
  • Halffishman

    Half-fish man.

    Half-fish man (半漁人, Hangyo Jin)
  • Kani ni naritai

    A crab.

    Crab (蟹, kani)
  • Dog (おっちゃん, Occhan, "Uncle"), a Golden Retriever puppy.

Additional characters Edit

  • Steve Rambo-0

    Steve Rambo.

    Steve Rambo, a man who trespassed into a ranch, but instead of killing him, the ranchers accept his offers. He was notable for his poorly-acted line, "Oh, shit, I'm sorry", with the quote and its following conversation becoming an Internet meme.
  • Alexander Vishnevsky (Александр Вишневский), an electric bodybuilder from Russia, and another addition to Gachimuchi's gallery of muscular men. He is known for his synchronized, robotic style of movement in one video.

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