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Billy Herrington (born July 14, 1969) is a popular actor in gay porn and the most well known Gachimuchi man in the world.

He is an inspirational figure who is loved worldwide by fags and non-fags alike.

Three of his quotes, including "Yugamineena", have been made into some kind of philosophy, known as "Fairy Philosophy" or "Three Principles of the Big Brother".

Names Edit

In Japanese, Billy Herrington's name is transcribed as "Birii Herinton" (ビリー・ヘリントン).

His fans refer him as "Gachimuchi Aniki" (ガチムチ兄貴), or "Aniki" (兄貴) for a shorter (and a more common) nickname, out of respect for him as their "Big Brother".

History Edit

Billy Herrington grew up in Long Island, and learned karate from his father. He had interests in boxing, wrestling, and martial arts, but did not start bodybuilding until he was 24 years old, when he moved to New York City.

He began his erotic career when his girlfriend secretly submitted his nude pictures to the Playgirl magazine, allowing him to win a "Real Men of the Month" contest and a cash prize. After posing as a photographic model for Colt Studio's calendars under Jim French, he began acting in pornographic videos ever since.

Lately, Billy Herrington has started a friendly partnership with Twitch streamer Sebastian "Forsen" Fors. He also sometimes visits Japan, Taiwan, and China to see his fans.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit

His character, "Aniki", is usually depicted as a protagonist in many Gachimuchi videos. He is also depicted as usually wearing either a shirt and pants, or only underwear.

Quotes Edit

  • "Like embarassing me, huh?!" (最近だらしねぇな - Saikin darashi nee na, "You're pretty sloppy these days")
  • "You got me mad now." (ねえな - Yugamineena, "You're not twisted/You're awesome")
  • "Atten-TION!" (パチュリー、ウッ! - "Patchouli, uh!")
  • "That's power, son, that's power!"
  • "That's not good, man."
  • "Come on, college boy!"

Trivia Edit

  • "Aniki" ("Big Brother"), one of his nicknames, is also a term or respect used among Yakuza gangsters for older or senior members, or to members with higher ranks than the speaker.



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