Aka-san ("Mr. Red") is the baby face that appears in Gachimuchi videos.

As many of the Gachimuchi characters may appear naked, he often appears to censor their private parts.

Trivia Edit

  • Akasan

    The original meme where Aka-san was derived from.

    The original Aka-san meme was used as an image macro (similar to the Advice Dog and related memes), which begins with a kind remark devolving into an insult, ending with the words "Masani Geidou!" (まさに外道. "Downright heresy!" or "Shame on you!"). Its humorous element of a happy baby's face against a strongly insulting comment caused it to become an amusing meme, mainly because his appearance shames the viewer for watching clips that are lewd.
  • The baby who appeared as the "Aka-san" face appeared in the trailer for the 2017 International Wrestling Festival, as a young man.